How Google Analytics Uses Cookies To Identify Users How Google Analytics Uses Cookies To Identify Users By Kathleen Harvey /August 17, 2017 Let’s talk about cookies and Google Analytics. Warning: this blog post does not talk about edible cookies. For recipes, go to the recipe section of our website. Just kidding, there’s nothing you can eat there either. It is a great resource for Google Tag […]

MVPM: Minimum Viable Product Manager

Brandon ChuFollow GM, Platform @shopify. Still a PM at ❤️. Apr 4, 2016 MVPM: Minimum Viable Product Manager You’ve probably seen this diagram before. It elegantly shows that product management is the intersection of a diverse skill set. Originally from Its simplicity has made it one of the most successful product management memes out there, and […]

12 things product managers should do in their first 30 days at a new company Ken Norton is a product partner at Google Ventures where he advises startups on product management and also helps organize workshops. Congratulations, a product has found its product manager. Perhaps you’re joining a small startup, or maybe you have a new project in a big company. How you approach your first 30 days will […]

12 A/B Split Testing Mistakes I See Businesses Make All The Time

12 A/B Split Testing Mistakes I See Businesses Make All The Time   A/B testing is fun. With so many easy-to-use tools around, anyone can (and should) do it. However, there’s actually more to it than just setting up a test. Tons of companies are wasting their time and money by making these 12 mistakes. […]