30+ Product Management “Best Practices”

Gerry ClapsFollow Startups, Agile & JIRA, simplified. May 13, 2016 https://medium.com/@gclaps/30-product-management-best-practices-9520125ba5ad 30+ Product Management “Best Practices” Following up on my recent Quora answer, here is a big list of product management best practices, as well as my personal recommendations: Feature Prioritization Kano model => Delighters, Satisfiers, Basic expectations MoSCoW method => Must, Should, Could, Won’t The KJ-Technique => Voting and ranking groups […]

Metrics Every Software Product Manager Should Know

https://blog.aha.io/software-product-management-metrics/ by Brian de Haaff  15 Metrics Every Software Product Manager Should Know The world of product management is rapidly changing. It is more data driven than ever before. There is no doubt that data is impacting most jobs. But this is amplified for product managers, especially if they work for an emerging software company. Being […]

My Product Management Interviews (part 1 of 3)

  Beats ProductMG.com — Product Manager at Relativity. Former employee at Redbox, Groupon, and Outcome Health . DJ, Gamer & Proud Father that enjoys building products. Feb 9 My Product Management Interviews (part 1 of 3) So I decided to move on from my 5 years at a healthcare startup and start a new chapter in […]

Product Discovery

  [Infographic] The Step-By-Step Guide to Product Discovery January 18, 2018 by Annie Dossey Product discovery is an important yet often overlooked aspect of product development. Too often, usability is emphasized at the expense of utility. While the former is crucial, it is empty without considering the latter. According to a recent Clutch survey, nearly 70% of […]